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We can make your event, construction site and building more energy efficient, helping you to save money and be more environmentally friendly. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and measurement techniques to provide practical energy management solutions based on sound science and we even take the stress out of implementation.  

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Looking for practical ways to be greener and reduce energy costs at your events? Wondering whether to use generators or solar panels given your particular location and set up? We can advise you on practical and effective steps you can take to maximise your energy efficiency and ensure your event has all the power it needs to be an unforgettable success!

Patrimony management

Wondering why your energy overheads are so high? Or why one of your locations is using more energy than another? We can help!  We map where, how and when energy is being used across all your buildings and propose practical ways to optimise energy use.


Planning your construction site’s energy needs and how to meet them in as cost-effective way as possible? Want to avoid energy surges? We partner with you to create an efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly power supply, with smart alarms to alert you to unexpected increases.

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"Save energy with smart measuring and optimise your energy usage with our practical solutions"

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When it comes to energy saving, we are the experts. We measure how you use energy, identify areas in which you can improve efficiency and provide practical solutions to reduce your energy costs. 
Our team of energy awareness specialists know when it is more efficient to use solar panels, a generator or batteries. They can customise your energy plan to suit various phases of your project and redirect power to where it’s needed, ensuring energy is not wasted.

With years of experience managing energy for large events, as well as construction sites and buildings, our team has a wealth of technical knowhow with IoT and is focused on achieving bottom line results.

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Not sure where your energy is going and why your overheads are so huge? Want to be able to track usage and achieve savings without needing technical knowledge? Contact us for more information.

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